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‘atRium’ Training School in Brno

‘atRium’ Training School in Brno

Date: 16–20 September 2024
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

The Institute of Archaeology at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno is running a five-day ‘atRium’ training school in computational archaeology. This training school will cover the essential coding skills in the R programming language, knowledge of archaeological data integrated into the ARIADNE research infrastructure, and fundamental spatial data analysis expertise.

As large amounts of archaeological data have become available, spatial analysis techniques may offer valuable insights into past human behaviour and settlement patterns. The programme is designed to deepen your understanding of computational methods in archaeology, focusing on working in a reproducible manner using the R programming language and environment.

The training school is part of a trans-national access scheme provided by ATRIUM, hosted by the Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic (AIS CR) research infrastructure at the Institute of Archaeology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno.