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Unveiling Reproducible Research Practices

Unveiling Reproducible Research Practices

Highlights from the SSH Marketplace Workshop at the DARIAH Annual Event 2024

by Canan Arıkan-Caba

The DARIAH Annual Event 2024, dedicated to the theme of “Workflows: Digital Methods for Reproducible Research Practices in the Arts and Humanities,” was launched with the highly anticipated SSH Open Marketplace Workshop. This workshop was a collaborative effort between the SSH Open Marketplace Editorial Team and the ATRIUM project funded by the European Commission. It attracted significant attention from participants representing ATRIUM partner institutions as well as other interested parties.

The event was divided into two engaging sessions. The morning session offered participants an introduction to the SSH Open Marketplace and its capabilities in research workflow description/documentation. Attendees provided valuable feedback on the structure and reusability of the workflows and its content type within the Open Marketplace.

In the afternoon, participants enjoyed a hands-on experience where they conceptualized, drafted, and created their own workflows. This session was also instrumental in enhancing the metadata of the ATRIUM catalogue of tools and services. The collaborative efforts not only enriched the catalogue but also empowered participants to contribute meaningfully to the digital research ecosystem. Participants learned how to create and enrich entries, giving them the skills to tailor the catalogue to better meet the needs of the research community.

One of the primary goals of the ATRIUM project is to streamline access to a comprehensive array of reusable research scenarios structured/presented as workflows. The workshop’s launch by the SSH Open Marketplace was a strategic move, designed to familiarize users with indexing and documenting the digital methods and resources instrumental to their research. Moreover, it provided a platform for creating and discovering new workflows, reinforcing the SSH Open Marketplace’s role as an essential discovery service of the ATRIUM project.

Overall, the SSH Open Marketplace Workshop was a huge success, paving the way for more efficient and reproducible research practices.