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OPERAS Conference 2024

OPERAS Conference 2024

April 24, 2024 – April 26, 2024
Zadar, Croatia 

The European Council called in May 2023 for transparent, equitable, and open access to scholarly publications. For European public research and innovation actors, scholarly knowledge is a public good. Publicly funded research and its results should be immediately and openly available without barriers such as subscription fees or paywalls. This is essential in driving knowledge forward, promoting innovation and tackling social issues.

OPERAS welcomes this Council Conclusion that fits with our aim to make Open Science a reality for Social Sciences and Humanities, and we are convinced we can only achieve this with collaboration, opening collaboration for community-driven scholarly communication.

This conference is organised by the OPERAS-PLUS project to support the development of the OPERAS Research Infrastructure, supporting open scholarly communication for Social Sciences and Humanities in the European Research Area and to open up collaboration and facilitate exchange

The OPERAS Conference aims to be a discussion hub in which different stakeholders such as researchers, decision-makers, publishers, librarians, and institutional service providers can share and compare their take on the current scholarly communication system and their vision for a sustainable future. The OPERAS conference will address issues relevant to the Social Sciences and Humanities field in the Open Science paradigm involving equitable publishing, multilingualism, bibliodiversity, and other related topics.

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